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Matching pets with their forever homes.


MAARC is a No Kill Rescue Group partnering with and inside the Maryville City Shelter to care for animals onsite and market them so they can find their way back home, or find adoptive homes and avoid euthanasia. This is their last stop before they reach their final destination.



MAARC shelter works to supplement the system by rescuing adoptable animals from traditional shelters and giving them more time to find the right home. When MAARC saves animals from other shelters it frees up space in traditional shelters, therefore when you save an animal from MAARC you save both the pet you bring home and the pet that gets rescued from the traditional shelter with the room you freed up.


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Pet owners and animal lovers understand the cost associated with caring for their pet or pets. Food, vaccinations, flea control, toys, beds and medical assistance when needed – it all adds up far too quickly sometimes…



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